PETER MARINO ARCHITECT “Our design was executed by Samfet with exceptional precision and accuracy ”

The stones selected matched our samples and specifications. The results met our expectations. It was an unusually successful collaboration.

Stone floor design of The VIP Court in the Aria at City Center
The concentric elliptical lines of the stone floor are patterned after Michelangelo’s design for Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. The ellipticals expressed in the paving of the Roman Capitol serve to organize the trapezoidal shape of the piazza and to establish a sense of direction from the stair on the open side of the square. In this way a linear axis directs people through the square to the three buildings and the two passages between the buildings. In the case of the City Center VIP court the ellipticals organize the complex and various shape of the court which is only in part trapezoidal and which at the entrance of International Gaming acquires a curving biomorphic shape. In our Las Vegas design the ellipticals set a an axial path conveying energy and patrons from the Spin slots venue through to the International Gaming destination and its various ancillary venues. As in the Capitoline design the ellipticals also suggest a center point which is the longitudinal center line of the court. The pattern derives from the classic architectural rosette which reveals concentric circles enclosed within a large circle. As in the Rome example the circles become ellipses creating a sense of compression which draws the disparate volumes together as a composition. The stone pattern creates a kaleidoscopic aspect which appears to fragment and reassemble the stones.

FRANK SPADARO – Senior Project Architect

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