Relationships set in Stone
Samfet has distinguished itself as a leading supplier and project management firm.

Since 1957, Samfet has distinguished itself as a leading stone supplier and project management firm specializing in stone and related products for high-end, large-scale developments. Samfet’s unique approach to sourcing, collaboration, design and execution, have remained our firm’s marks of distinction visible in all Samfet works across the globe. 

Our team of professionals are leaders in their field, recognized for their talent and innovation; From surveying, engineering and architecture to design and project management, we are committed to bringing the most complex of designs to fruition. With over half a century of proven experience and a staff of 85, our teams of engineers, inspectors, architects, and project managers bring even the most complex of designs to fruition. 

Our Core Values


Our philosophy is based on listening and responsiveness to bridge all gaps between construction players.


We conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, ethics and moral standards, never compromising our clients, employees or our company.


We are uncompromising of our promise to always being accountable and handling our business matters in the most responsible way.


Our extensive experience allows us to provide the latest advanced technologies, materials, and offer creative solutions for the most challenging building projects.


Our focus is to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible cost-effective solutions by using our knowledge and resources in a transparent and honest nature.


We are dedicated to delivering consistent, high end services and materials that we stand behind and ensure meets and exceeds expectations.

The Industry's reference for Quality
Founded on a commitment to fine, creative workmanship and superior service.

The success of Samfet was founded on a commitment to fine, creative workmanship and superior service. Today, our Team & our highest of quality craftsmen carry on this tradition; resulting in Samfet continuing to be recognized as the industry reference for quality and excellence.

  • International sourcing and dedicated QA/QC
  • Pre-construction Budgeting, Scheduling and Material Selection
  • State-of-the-Art CAD Design and Engineering Technologies
  • Partner to architect, designers, developers and GCs.
  • Complete Project Resources From Concept To Final Cleaning
  • Mitigate risks associated to cut to size stone supply
  • Full Complement of Expert Technicians in All Crafts
  • Turnkey Consultants from First Sketch to completion
  • Benefit from economies of scale.
World class turn key services
Comprehensive client services and project management

Samfet offers comprehensive client services and project management to developers, general contractors and architects that span the globe.  From pre- construction concept and budgeting to final cleaning, Samfet is uniquely positioned to provide turn key services on a large scale with expert project management, state of the art fabrication, world class engineering and international sourcing experience.

Our Services
Commitment Set In Stone
We pride ourselves in providing the best in stone services from design to completion
Full Turnkey Services

At Samfet our consultants and team provide tailor made complete turnkey services from first sketch to project completion.

Our Services
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