When do you need this for? Yesterday!

How fast can we deliver a project? Speed to market is critical for any development and Samfet is the partner of choice when it comes to ensuring a timely turnaround. By working together to establish deadlines, we can ensure that quality and craftsmanship are never compromised.

So how do we get there? By focusing on the beginning, the middle and the end.

The first 5%: As in many sports, the game is often won or lost before you hit the field. Intense preparation, early identification of risks and opportunities and a strong collaboration with clients in the early planning stages, will positively influence 65% of the eventual project costs.

The middle: Game time requires proactive project management and keen oversight of a projects many modalities. We pride ourselves on being totally engaged in the management of the project throughout, with a view to executing a flawless game plan. Communication, organization, opportunistic tactics and a will to drive a project home is what makes us different.

The best for last: Most people remember the last 5%. This is where the details come to life and where mistakes must be avoided. Our approach is to sprint over the finish line and exceed expectations while adopting a “no defects” delivery target.