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The Complex Tapestry Behind Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ Stonework Masterpiece
The imminent opening of Fontainebleau Las Vegas is a beacon of luxury, its grandeur made possible by a symphony of expertise, coordination, and relentless effort. Central to this architectural triumph is Samfet, whose role in the project transcends mere stone supply and delves into the realm of overcoming nature’s unpredictability and logistical nightmares. In the world of high-end construction, especially for a project as ambitious as the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, coordinating the supply of natural stone is akin to conducting...
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The Truth About Sealers
High quality marble and stone, expertly selected and cut, adds opulence and sophistication to nearly any space. As with any high quality material, maintaining your marble’s original look and feel is a concern as marble is porous, and susceptible to staining and etching. One common solution to protecting and preserving marble’s integrity is the use sealers.  Some suppliers will recommend a stone sealer as the ultimate form of protection without providing much information about it. Sealers can provide excellent protection,...
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Fontainebleau las vegas
Samfet and The Fontainebleau Las Vegas
The Fontainebleau Las Vegas project is one of the most prestigious and high-profile developments in the hospitality industry. This landmark project, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is set to transform the skyline of the city, and Samfet has been privileged to play a crucial role in this endeavor. Samfet, a leading natural stone supplier, and project manager, has been selected to supply and project manage all natural stone for the tower rooms and suites of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas...
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Zaha Hadid’s Feature Wall Shows Masterful Craftsmanship
Written by Megy Karydes from Architects have called it futuristic and compared it to spaceships. Envisioned and designed by late renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the 520 W 28th Street residential condominium building in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood features a stunning piece of wall art carved from Grigio Brasile marble that expands 34 feet. Sting and wife Trudie Styler are reportedly renting an apartment in the upper floors of the building, while Ariana Grande and her fiancé Pete Davidson...
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Building Through the Covid-19 Pandemic
Covid-19 has thrown industries everywhere for a loop, but some companies in the residential and commercial construction sectors are surviving despite the chaos of the pandemic. In fact, for many at Samfet, working in 2020 has felt more or less like “business as usual” thanks to our wonderfully nimble team. Like just about everyone, we’re expecting to move forward with a “new normal” by relying on state-of-the-art technology and our rapid responses to environmental and economic changes. Here’s what we...
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Our most notable collaborations
Marble might be a gift from nature, but the specialists and artists behind our iconic projects are perhaps even more remarkable than the stone’s natural raw beauty. We’ve been privileged to have been able to put together an incredible team who work diligently with clients to make their visions become realities. Over the years, we’ve certainly earned our strong reputation as a leading stone supplier, which has given us the chance to collaborate with some unbelievably talented professionals. Working with...
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Our New Bespoke Division
For the past several decades, Samfet has distinguished itself as a leading stone supplier working almost exclusively on large scale, high-end projects such as luxury hotels, casinos, and condominium developments. While our large-project division will always be synonymous with our brand, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve officially entered a new market with our bespoke division – catering to premium private residential projects. The traditional model for most custom residences is to work with local contractors that have a limited breath of...
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Our Iconic Mosaic Projects
Iconic mosaic projects As new challenges are constantly on the horizon, we sometimes need a reminder of what we’ve accomplished in the past. Often, the past is a source of inspiration for progressive work in the future. The intricate and timeless nature of mosaics never fail to provide a sense of opulence. Here are some notable past mosaic projects that we are tremendously proud of showcasing. Plaza Hotel and Residences NYC The Plaza Hotel is one of the most iconic...
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Award Winning Stone Work
The Grand Pinnacle Award of Excellence Over the years, Samfet has produced marble and stone for some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. From the supremely luxurious Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles, to the world renown Studio City Hotel and Casino in Macau, every year is marked by exciting and noteworthy projects. In 2017, our execution and stone supply won the Grande Pinnacle Award of Excellence for the stone feature wall in the 520 West 28th Street...
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