Our Iconic Mosaic Projects

Iconic mosaic projects
As new challenges are constantly on the horizon, we sometimes need a reminder of what we’ve accomplished in the past. Often, the past is a source of inspiration for progressive work in the future. The intricate and timeless nature of mosaics never fail to provide a sense of opulence. Here are some notable past mosaic projects that we are tremendously proud of showcasing.
Plaza Hotel and Residences NYC
The Plaza Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in New York City, and is one of the most famous hotels in the world. This was an incredibly prestigious mandate, and we couldn’t be prouder of our work.
We provided all of the marble and mosaics throughout residences, guestrooms, penthouses, lobbies, and amenity spaces. The mosaics in the bathrooms are particularly noteworthy as they were designed to match those of the original Plaza hotel. Given some fairly challenging budget constraints, we had the tiles created in China; requiring considerable coordination among design and management teams in order to ensure the top quality work we usually expect from our artisans in Italy. Ultimately, we were up for the task and delivered high quality work and on time.
The photos and the internationally recognized Plaza brand speak for themselves.

Wynn and Encore Las Vegas
The Wynn has become a premier destination for visitors and locals in Las Vegas. Countless tourists snap photos in this sumptuous hotel and casino—made even more glamorous by the intricate inlay mosaics.
Almost every floor at the Wynn is made of the finest custom Italian marble by Samfet. Ornate mosaics can be found throughout the property, from the ponds and pools to the sculptures and elaborate art installations. The stretches of marble floors featuring eye-catching flower and butterfly mosaics are actually a continuation of the lucious carpet designed by Roger Thomas. Our teams worked with designers at the Wynn to ensure there was colour and design consistency throughout the entire resort, right down to the last detail.
The Wynn spared no expense when choosing marble and materials that would leave and impression on visitors from all walks of life. Even the bathrooms of the XS nightclub boast 24k gold mosaic tiles. Our designers drafted the mock ups from real photographs of nude models to create modern and glamorous pieces that make a serious statement.
The marble in nearly every space of the Wynn and Encore resorts including the guestrooms, suites, lobbies, villas, and even the restaurants was provided by Samfet.

More on mosaics…
Dating back thousands of years, mosaics were widespread in classical times, both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Mosaics are made of pieces of colored stone, glass, or ceramic, and are held in place by a mortar material. Typically associated with Greek or Roman palaces, mosaics can also provide a distinctly fresh and contemporary feel to any interior. This type of stone work offers unlimited possibilities, from bold and dramatic statements to subtle and earthly and interiors. We offer a complete mosaic solution including design, engineering, and materials selection.

Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace
High rollers in Asia looking for premium gambling and dazzling entertainment experiences flock to the Wynn Macau and the second luxury integrated resort Wynn Palace. The luxury hotel and casino resort contains over a thousand rooms and suites, retail space, a casino, multiple fine dining restaurants, a spa, and more.
The interior design of the Wynn Macau is notably luxurious and integrates both Western and Eastern cultural elements. Some of the resort’s can’t-miss design features include the Dragon of Fortune, the Tree of Prosperity, and the Jelly Moon aquarium – installations that pay tribute to traditional Chinese themes of good fortune.

Like the Wynn in Las Vegas, Samfet’s custom Italian mosaic work in the bathrooms of each suite and throughout the casino were thoughtfully designed to reflect the resort’s themes of classic opulence and prosperity.
Beauty is truly in the details. No matter where you turn, detailed mosaics, from tiny geometric designs to massive florals provide a sense of grandeur that has made the Wynn Macau one of the most loved casino resorts in Asia.