Founded in 1957
Founded on a commitment to fine, creative workmanship and superior service.

Samfet is uniquely positioned to deliver expertise at each stage of the construction process or manage the entire spectrum globally. Samfet is your one stop shop to service world class construction developments. Every project has its challenges. Through our experience and expertise, we have found ways of meeting these challenges and optimizing a project’s efficiency and overall success.

From conception to completion, planning to execution

Samfet is the partner of choice through all phases of construction.


Our team consists of a cadre of highly skilled and experienced cost engineers, some of who have been with the company for decades. Our Estimating and Design Department can accurately quote the cost of your job, discuss options and work with owners, contractors, and architects to help select the perfect materials, colours, and designs available for your important project.


Our pre-project consultation and analysis by our skilled technical staff and CAD engineers, turn the most complex and challenging architectural design ideas into brilliant practical applications. Project scheduling and operations are seamlessly handled by our dedicated service personnel who deliver competence and professionalism at every turn.


Our proven direct purchasing capabilities, with representation in Italy and China ensures the continued resource of the highest quality product while benefiting from economies of scale.

Project Management

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art software for scheduling and cost control. We also work closely with other trades to avoid costly mistakes or code violations. Each project has its own dedicated project manager that works closely with the client through all phases of the project, and who can answer questions and ensure we meet critical deadlines.


Our installation managers work with utmost precision and are guided by tried-and-true best practices. We provide your teams with all the information and direction they need to execute the most complex of projects. Throughout all phases of construction, our supervisors keep close watch to make sure that the project is on schedule and that the quality is up to par. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure high quality work that meets our client’s high level of satisfaction. Regardless of project location and available local skill levels, we are here to bridge all gaps with the capabilities of sending highly experienced technicians to guide the local teams while insuring the highest of standards are maintained.

Design Development &
Pre-Construction Services

Our expert knowledge gives you access to materials and engineering you might not have even known existed or thought possible! Let us steer you in the right direction.

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Execution &

Our 60+ years of stone sourcing provides for unparalleled experience and global reach to insure proper sourcing channels are used in the most cost effective manner.

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World Class Services
Empowering your creative vision

Our expert knowledge gives you access to materials and engineering you might not have even known existed or thought possible! Let us steer you in the right direction. Our experience with the demands and intricacies of complex projects gives us the confidence to help you create your next masterpiece.

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